Kimberley Stronger Smarter Facilitator Recall

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Dan Walker

Dan Walker facilitating a Kimberley Leadership program in 2011.

Coordinated by Kimberley Stronger Smarter Leadership Consultant, Dan Walker, a significant gathering took place in Broome earlier this month, when a dozen educators who have previously undertaken Stronger Smarter Facilitator training in order to facilitate professional learning opportunities in their schools, came together, along with several staff of the Kimberley Regional Education Office, to re-engage with each other and to move to the next phase of facilitation.

During the two days the group developed a cultural action plan for the region, including a visioning statement.  Individuals also decided upon their “next most powerful step” and devised specific, inspirational, achievable goals that would focus their energies.  Participants found the processes incredibly rewarding and have already scheduled another gathering in September.

In their commitment to embedding change and ensuring the long-term impact of high-expectations, excellence-oriented school cultures, the Kimberley has demonstrated once again why it is known as a Stronger Smarter Region!


  1. Could you please send me details for leadership training in nsw for this year
    Many thanks

    • Hi Josie, I will send you an email and follow up with you.

      Thanks for your enquiry.


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