High Expectations Relationships – Position Paper

A starting point to provide a basis for discussion about what is High Expectations Relationships

This position paper by the Stronger Smarter Institute provides a starting point to spark conversation about what is High Expectations Relationships and why it is a unique and essential foundation of the Stronger Smarter approach.

Together with a ‘positive sense of cultural identity’ and ‘embracing positive Indigenous leadership’, high expectations relationships forms one of the three ‘pillars’ of the Stronger Smarter approach.

The paper explains why and how our own beliefs and assumptions impact our relationships and interaction with others in positive or negative ways and how that translates in a classroom environment between teachers and students.

Most importantly it shows how the High-Expectations Relationships that teachers and school leaders develop with students, peers, parents and community can impact on improved educational outcomes for students.

This paper provides a basis for discussion and we invite our Stronger Smarter Leadership Program alumni and others to provide their thoughts on what a High-Expectations Relationship means in the classroom, school and school-community.

We invite you to learn more and participate with our online module or apply for the Stronger Smarter Leadership Program.


High Expectation Relationships - A Foundation for Quality Learning Environments in all Australian Schools for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students